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Account Manager, Cyber Publicity

"CrankWheel is an incredible tool that permits to share your screen to a prospect that you have on the phone so he can actually look of what you are talking about.

It helps closing deals faster as the prospect has not only your attention by your speaking but also with their eyes!"

Kenzo Neyra


Your value proposition over the phone

No downloads required for the viewer

Monitor engagement in real time

Share your sales materials to any device. Build trust early on the call with visuals.

Share your link via email or text and the viewer can see your screen in seconds. No downloads or setup required.

See in real time on how your viewer's mouse pointer is moving, where they zoom in and get an alert when they view something else.


CrankWheel adds visuals to your phone calls. Share your screen instantly to any device, any browser.

Why talk when you can show?

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Friction-free screen sharing

Offer expired. Try CrankWheel for free for 15 days

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